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Workers’ Compensation & Risk Management

Human Capital’s comprehensive workers’ compensation program includes claims administration, loss control, on-site inspections, and safety program development. Federal and state OSHA compliance along with implementation and maintenance services are also available.

“A” Rated Workers’ Compensation Carrier Options: Human Capital has access to multiple carriers, which allows you the opportunity to service a broader spectrum of clients. A.M. Best is the premier rating authority on insurance carriers. They review current financial data on insurance carriers, as well as trends in the data over the past years.

Up to 40% Credit on Manual Premium

Human Capital offers many different types of credits and discounts, including, but not limited to the following, which provide premium credits up to 40% of manual premium for a preferred risk:

  • Experience modifier
  • Premium volume discounts
  • Scheduled credits
  • Territorial factor discounts

Pay-As-You-Go Compensation

Client premium payments are based on actual payroll and paid as each payroll is processed. This is preferential to the standard structure of a large deposit, along with monthly or installment payments, followed by annual audits.


  • No standard market deposits

  • No annual audits

  • No surprise lump sums due at the end of the year


The Human Capital underwriting team plays an integral role in pricing and issuing workers’ compensations coverage to Human Capital’s PEO customers. Underwriting reviews and evaluates each submission and works with our suite of workers’ compensation insurance carriers to determine eligibility. Approved submissions are priced out by underwriting and returned to the agent for review with the prospective client.

The underwriting team also produces Human Capital’s Client Service Agreements, which serves as our contract with the client. Once a client, the team continues to evaluate and process all new class codes and state endorsements, as well as produce certificates of insurance. In addition, underwriting works with claims and loss control to monitor and assess the performance of clients. This proactive approach allows Human Capital to work with clients who may be experiencing poor loss performance to improve their losses, resulting in a safe workplace.

Claims Services

Our PEO workers’ compensation claim services act as a liaison between the injured employee, your company, the workers’ compensation carrier, and the medical care provider; thereby increasing communication and understanding and reducing the potential for litigation.

It is our goal to assist the injured employee in making a full and timely recovery so they can get back to work through careful monitoring and processing of the claim. Human Capital encourages behavior that will assist injured employees in getting back on their feet. We take an active role in the claims adjusting process, which improves the client’s loss history and experience modifier, ultimately resulting in lower premium costs.

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