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Midsize Business

It is easy for business owners and HR departments to feel overwhelmed with all the uncertainty surrounding rapidly changing and new regulations, employer liability, and trying to offer an affordable and competitive benefits solution.

For instance, regulatory compliance can be overwhelming. Which laws apply to the company? What is the quickest way to become or maintain compliance? Human Capital’s solutions enhance the existing framework of a business and the expert staff can assist in the decision-making process even easier.

Let Human Capital handle employee garnishments, unemployment claims, and payroll tax needs, including submitting tax payments, filing returns, and issuing annual W2s.

Go paperless with Vfficient™— a platform that allows employees to access their paystubs and W2s anytime, anywhere. One product stack. Thousands of success stories. Zero burden.

Grace A., Milford, DE

Online Tutoring Services Owner

As a former traditional teacher, Grace started an online tutoring service for middle to high school aged students who are struggling with the core competencies: Math, English, Science, and History. Grace employs 20 licensed educators around the country to provide online tutoring services from their homes. Her outsourcing needs centered on the HR component. She requires assistance in developing and sustaining her company’s policies and procedures, along with setting up an HR database and personnel file maintenance.

Grace worked primarily with Scott, Client Relations Manager, to achieve her HR goals in record time. She now has access to an accurate and up-to-date policy and procedures manual that she can update easily. Additionally, all of her employees have a digital personnel file that Grace can access at any time.

Evan O., Las Cruces, NM

Residential Flooring Installation Business Owner

Evan’s established flooring installation business has been increasing steadily. Having an established HR team, Evan was interested in getting supplementary services from a PEO. After speaking with his HR team, he reached out to Human Capital to learn more about their workers’ compensation offering. Evan quickly found out that working with a PEO firm like Human Capital means that he would save thousands of dollars in workers’ compensation costs. Human Capital was able to select a carrier to fit the needs of his business and the coverage his employees required.

Within a few months, a worker’s compensation claim was submitted. The Claims Coordinator, Melissa, worked as a liaison between the injured employee, Evan, and the employee’s doctor to properly process the claim. After the doctor cleared the employee, they returned to work.

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