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Large Business

As one of the nation’s largest and fastest growing PEOs, Human Capital has the experience and resources to remove the heavy burden and worries of HR and total back office management. By streamlining essential administrative business tasks and minimizing potential business threats, Human Capital offers a cost-effective, employee-centered solution, reducing costs associated with workers’ compensation insurance along the way.

Human Capital’s customizable core service offerings include payroll, human resources, risk management, and benefit administration.
Gone are the days of fearing common employer risks. Human Capital provides guidance as it relates to compliance, administration, and staying up to date with impactful, changing legislations.

Shonda D., Sarasota, FL

Mobile Tech Support Owner

Shonda’s mobile tech support business allows her and her employees to visit small to medium sized companies and provide on-site tech support (or IT services) in an on-demand format. What her company did not have was complete back-office administration. At first, Shonda was merely looking for payroll and benefits administration. Upon contacting Human Capital, Shonda realized that she could also use the human resources and workers’ compensation services.

Human Capital’s total back-office, or human capital management (HCM) system, eliminated the need for duplicated solutions and removed the risk of missed/skipped details on core business functions, including hiring and scheduling.  Shirley, Payroll Technician, assisted Shonda in entering employee payroll data, updating client records, and scheduled weekly payroll to employees. This helped to solidify her decision of working with a PEO. She finally had more time to focus on growing her business and supporting her clients.

Chuck R., Portland, OR

Executive Country Club Owner

Chuck’s most significant issues in his business involved ensuring he was providing the best benefits to his employees. As he cut back on employee benefit costs, the quality of the benefits was affected, and so was the general employee morale. He found Human Capital was able to offer benefits administration and packages customized to his employee needs and budget. A considerable burden for Chuck was resolved with a phone call to Human Capital.

Lucas, Benefits Coordinator, helped Chuck find the perfect health care solution and was able to add a sponsored 401(k) savings program. While it was more than Chuck expected, it was exactly what his employees, and new talent, was looking for in a quality employer.

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