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Grow Your Business With Human Capital

We want to help you do more than survive, we are here to help your business thrive.
Schedule an HR diagnostic to understand how your business can benefit from a strategic HR process, gain unlimited access to resources and tools to minimize or remove your daily administrative burden, and streamline essential business tasks and costs, including workers’ compensation and employee benefits.

The Promise of Our PEO

Could your business benefit from reducing turnover by 12% or more?
What would you do with a 35% savings on HR administration?
What if we told you there was a service that could improve your company’s survival by as much as 50%
Nearly 48% of small businesses in the United States are partnering with a professional employer organization (PEO) like Human Capital. We provide our clients with integrated technology solutions and industry-leading expertise to streamline your HR, payroll, benefits, and workers’ compensation needs.
Boost Profitability

  • Shift your attention from tedious back-office tasks to revenue-generating initiatives and business efficiencies.
  • Unlimited customer service support from industry-leading PEO experts.
  • Fully-integrated, cloud-based HRIS technology with robust reporting and direct access to automated employee management functionality.
Competitive Employee Benefits

  • Increase employee engagement and retention by offering competitive benefit master and ancillary plan options.
  • Access to a safe, secure online HR and payroll portal with electronic enrollment capabilities.
  • Track and manage employee performance through a cloud-based platform alerting users to outstanding tasks, upcoming deadlines, and employee milestones.
Maintain Organizational Compliance

  • Automate functions, such as smooth data integration to avoid manual entry and errors.
  • Create custom reports, such as payroll allocation, tax liability, employee PTO detail, and more.
  • Maintain compliance with monthly legal HR updates, OSHA standards, and other HR-related laws and regulations.

Schedule an HR Diagnostic

Human Capital can help streamline business efficiencies by conducting an HR diagnostic to identify business challenges and provide expert recommendations. To request a free HR diagnostic, please fill out the form below and a PEO service expert will contact you.