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Safety Tips for Hosting Virtual Sports Watch Parties

Three coworkers watching a football game at home

The time for college sports bowls, NBA, and NFL playoffs are approaching. In prior years, you’d find this time full of watch parties, tailgating events, and packed stadiums as people root for their favorite teams as they contend for their respective championships.

With COVID-19 and the increased necessity for physical distancing, you may find yourself wondering how should we have fun to keep ourselves and loved ones safe while enjoying our favorite sports teams? Here are a few suggestions on how you and your staff can avoid exposure and still have a good time.

Watch the Wagers

The seasonal return of sports often leads to gambling in the workplace, such as fantasy sports pools. Even now with the need for physical distancing, we are likely to see a further increase in betting pools among staff. The situation regarding gambling in the workplace can be a sensitive topic. While it is not common for law enforcement to get involved, employers must acknowledge that gambling in the workplace or among staff may not be legal in the state for which the business operates. Aside from the potential legal ramifications, gambling may also be detrimental to employees, such as addiction and workplace violence. It would be wise to remind your employees of company gambling policies, such as highlighting the page(s) in the employee handbook that outlines the policy(ies). If gambling is legal in your state, and it is something under your best discernment and/or has had success in the past in your workplace, engaging in an office fantasy sports pool may increase camaraderie and build a more inclusive work environment.

Partaking in Virtual Activities

Promoting wellness through physical distancing while still maintaining a standard of liveliness is something we’ve all tried different avenues to accommodate for this year. The good news is that in our sports world, there’s not a significant tradeoff for usual routines of celebration. Getting together to enjoy a game virtually has its benefits. Outside of lowering the risk of exposure and helping to decrease the overall count of COVID-19 cases, there is less clean up if you’re hosting the event, which is always a plus. If attending a virtual event, you decrease the chance of driving under the influence or potential property liability from celebration festivities.

In a matter of compliance, people are less likely to act out of character or make inappropriate comments when they know they’re on camera. The simple switch to a moderated, recorded event is critical in potential harassment or inappropriate behavior. By hosting virtual events, you can save costs and still tailor the content and quality of your activities to fit the quality of your business.

Given the circumstances of COVID-19 and our desire to maintain safety while virtually socializing, circumstances like upcoming sporting events can feel tricky to navigate. At Human Capital, we specialize in helping you navigate the fields of HR compliance. Reach out to an HR services expert to ensure HR best practices are being implemented in remote settings, and show you the many ways we can boost your business model.

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