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Preventing Truck Accidents and Rollovers

In the trucking industry, rollovers happen every day. But most rollovers and accidents are preventable as most are caused by something within the driver’s control. For example, rollovers can be caused by driver fatigue, distracted driving, or going too fast on a curve or turn.


You can prevent truck rollovers in the following ways:


Monitoring Your Speed
It is important to remember that speed limits on roads and highways are intended for passenger cars. Adjust your speed for each curve or turn in order to complete the maneuver safely.


Stay Alert. Avoid Fatigue.
Fatigue-related accidents are more common than they should be. Sleeping is the best way to address fatigue. However, drivers should also take regular breaks (every two-hours), share the driving responsibility whenever possible, and not drive more than eight to ten hours a day.


Unsecured Loads
Always make sure loads are tied down or secured properly. Shifting loads can easily lead to a rollover or accident.


Seasoned or veteran truck drivers have thousands of hours behind the wheel, but this does not make them exempt from accidents or rollovers. Drivers should always attempt to avoid accidents or rollovers.


Safety is the number one priority for your business and your employees.  Learn more about employee safety risk management with Human Capital.

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