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Nonprofit Human Resources, Payroll, and Benefits

Your PEO Partner for Nonprofit Benefits, Payroll, and HR Services

Nonprofits typically provide services for charities, educational institutions, or religious entities. Depending on the size and structure of the nonprofit organization, some might have a large administrative staff and volunteers. To meet the various Nonprofit HR needs, Human Capital has designed its cloud-based human capital management (HCM) system, Vfficient, to help support the complex structures of nonprofit organizations. Vfficient is designed to help nonprofit organizations with:

  • Enhanced employee and volunteer tracking capabilities (e.g., by events, departments, or grants)

  • Interactive onboarding experience with personalized videos (i.e., welcome, training) to align the employee with your organization and its mission

  • Cloud-based payroll and HR management with education and certification tracking

  • Detailed cost reporting features to help with government reporting requirements and compliance

Nonprofit Payroll and Applicant Tracking Services

Nonprofit resources are limited, so every dollar spent must make an impact. Human Capital can streamline your Nonprofit HR and payroll processes so your team can focus time where it matters most. Vfficient eases business efficiencies by:

  • Eliminating paperwork through electronic onboarding and benefit enrollment capabilities
  • Third-party imports eliminating manual entry
  • Conducting background check screening
  • Minimizing exposure to noncompliance violations and fines
  • Robust career portal with custom candidate screening process

Recruiting and Employee Retention for Nonprofits

Competitive pay and high turnover rates are common challenges for nonprofit organizations. Human Capital’s applicant tracking system (ATS) and performance management tool (PMT) were developed by HR specialists specifically for recruiting purposes. An ATS eliminates paperwork and manual processes, as well as increases new employee engagement. Additionally, our PMT software allows you to lay the groundwork for professional development and high-performance growth aligned with your company objectives.

Nonprofit Employee Upskilling and Learning Management

Not only can Human Capital’s Vfficient technology track and monitor your employee’s skills and training, our HR and compliance service platform also comes with a robust learning management system (LMS) to help further develop your workforce. Our LMS enables training departments and HR teams to collaborate and track web-based courses.

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