Turn Your Office Green

Going green has become a movement and area of focus both in homes and in workplaces. There are many ways for which workplaces can be more environmentally friendly and provide resources for their employees to contribute to the green effect. Here are a few ideas which your company can incorporate to become more environmentally conscious.


Adding recycle bins.
Recycle bins are handy to help preserve toxic materials from entering landfills, oceans, and other natural habitats. On the topic of recycling, another innovative suggestion might be to add a container for used coffee grounds. Coffee grounds are great for nourishing plants and a forward-thinking environmental benefit to recycling.


Support carpooling, ride sharing, and environmentally friendly cars.
Designate parking spaces for people who carpool and/or charging stations for hybrid vehicles. These two options could provide an incentive for people to carpool or rideshare.


Employers can also offer a discount for employees who choose to purchase or lease a hybrid (gas-electric) vehicle, though this might take some time and effort to negotiate with the right vendors. Discounts on vehicle maintenance could help ensure employees take care of their vehicles, telecommuting options for positions that can do so, discounts on public transportation options are also potential options for cutting down on emissions.


Utilizing electronic documents.
Where and when applicable, using file-sharing websites like Dropbox, Google Drive, or Box to eliminate physical paper usage/storage, file cabinets, web-based meeting apps/programs. These resources can also be used to share presentations and meeting notes. Take additional steps by purchasing online resources (i.e., dictionaries, thesauruses, style guides, etc.), sending e-cards rather than physical cards for holidays, and even printing double-sided when possible are great ways to implement electronic documents into the workplace.


Purchasing recycled supplies.
Many office supply stores offer recycled paper and notebooks, or reimbursement programs for returning empty ink and toner cartridges, and other office supplies. Additional ways to recycle daily-use supplies file folders, packing materials, and purchasing reusable water bottles, coffee mugs, food containers, and utensils for lunches.


Why wait? Start the green movement in your office today! For more assistance in updating your employee handbook to include details around going green or to learn about valuable products and services to help your business stay competitive in the industry, contact Human Capital today.

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