Innovative Approaches to Hiring

Recruiting is oftentimes a complex process, from finding an adequate pool of qualified candidates and interviewing to background checks and onboarding processes. This can be a long, tedious process that can be streamlined with a fresh perspective. Establishing a pool of talent can be difficult, let alone finding one to narrow. Expanding the recruitment process to look at rehiring former employees, remote workers, individuals with criminal records, upskilling, and multigenerational workforces can assist in appealing more candidates. Here are some reasons why you should look into these alternative recruiting methods.


Rehiring former employees. While having a policy that opposes hiring former employees, it also hinders companies’ budgets and time efficiencies in training new employees. You might be combatting efforts for difficult employees, low performers, or others who left under undetermined circumstances; however, you may also be overlooking former employees who left on good terms and looking to re-establish a professional relationship. Former employees can bring a lot to the hiring pool, such as understanding of your organization, new skills and knowledge that can transfer to your organization and their role, and give you an advantage over competitors.


Remote employees. Hiring remote employees may make some employers uncomfortable and it takes the right candidate to fulfill a remote position, but remote employees can benefit your business in many ways. Most remote workers are already experts in their field, showcase higher productivity levels, and have invested in the tools they need to perform their job. Removing commute times, employer-provided equipment and office space, and … saves your business time and money, as well as increases employee retention rates.


Employees with criminal records. It is understandable that hiring an employee with a criminal record could be a gamble and it is the business’s responsibility to protect its employees’ wellbeing, but those who committed a crime have some qualities that might be overlooked simply by what’s on paper. For example, because an individual with a criminal record is aware that their career outlook is slim, they are willing to go beyond employers’ expectations, committed to their employer, and will be grateful for the opportunity. Most individuals with criminal records are not as threatening as they are portrayed, simply looking for a second chance, and just trying to make a living.


Upskilling. Upskilling is an alternative solution to providing value-added training to current employees and allows better internal business growth while maintaining positive employee retention. Globally, over half of executives invest in upskilling their employees.


Multigenerational employees. In this day and age, the workforce consists of Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z. With that being said, finding a balance of multigenerational employees can give your business the edge it needs to reach a vast marketplace. For example, Baby Boomers and Gen X-ers can offer best practices and the expertise of being in the industry longer, as well as mentor the Millennials and Gen Z-ers. Whereas the younger generations may be tapped into more technological advances in the industry providing a great competitive advantage over competitors. Millennials and Gen Z-ers can teach Baby Boomers and Gen X-ers on best practices, new industry trends, and new technology.


Recruiting and staffing is not an easy feat, let alone for business owners whose valuable time should be in boosting their success. Call Human Capital to learn about our comprehensive, full-service HR services can provide the HR solutions you seek. From recruiting and hiring to onboarding and developing employee handbooks, we have you covered! Contact Human Capital to discover your customized HR solutions today.

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