Building Your Business Online

Building business with organic leads and instilling authenticity in all facets can be difficult to maintain, but not impossible. With the help of technology, there are countless ways to build, maintain, and improve your business online. From online courses and webinars to developing effective social media best practices and company website, as well as expanding your network with influencers and subject-matter experts in relevant industries can turn your online business into a booming market for generating leads.


Online Tools

Online courses, white papers, infographics, and videos are all ways to incorporate online, interactive tools that not only establish your presence as an industry expert, but also provides customer engagement. Whether you’re in the construction industry or an office-based industry, creating an online course or training video on OSHA best practices could assist in both establishing yourself as an industry authority, but also give your clients a beneficial online tool to utilize, which can also increase your online presence.


White papers and infographics can offer information in a fun, appealing way for existing and prospective clients. White papers give you the platform to provide more in-depth information on specific topics, whereas infographics give you the creativity to provide such information in a colorful, digestible manner.



Webinars are a great way for you to flaunt your expertise while also showcasing you are an actual human being that wants to connect with your prospects. Through webinars, you are able to communicate with existing clients, employees, and prospective clients to answer questions, engage in meaningful discussions regarding topics relevant to your industry, conduct informational videos others can benefit from, and build content based off of the information conveyed to push through your website and social media platforms. Most webinar platforms offer webinar recording, customization for brand consistency, analytics and tracking features, and other helpful tools.


Social Media Best Practices

Between younger generations entering the workforce and technology constantly evolving, it is imperative more than ever for businesses to stay up to date on social media best practices. Social media establishes credibility as an industry expert, reputability through client engagement and testimonials, creates trust with prospective customers, and develops a platform to communicate industry news, company updates, and funnel feedback.



Website design is just as important as the content. In building an effective website, it is important to remember that this is probably one of the first points of contact for prospective customers. Websites are the gateways for customers to seek a potential solution for their problem(s) at hand. Construct a website that is designed to include easy accessibility on all devices (i.e., tablet, phone, laptop, desktop), simple and engaging content, short- and long-form information on relevant topics, products, and services, and contact information. Run regular website analyses to see what is working and what could be improved. What are readers clicking on? What pages have the most traffic? How do the pages with a lot of traffic differ from the pages with less traffic? Forward-thinking solutions and planning can assist in developing a website that sets your business up for unfounded success.



Whether through social media, email, or in-person communications, first impressions and client relation management are vital to establishing well-respected networks. From responding to a negative comment on social media to sending an email to one of your favorite clients, maintaining proper etiquette can determine whether a first impression is positive or negative. Practicing unique conversation starters, learning proper etiquette for various communication methods, and best avenues to seek networking opportunities will guide you to building the foundation you need to establish and expand a network everyone will want to be a part of.


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