Broken Communication and Your Brand Reputation

Organizational success, no matter how much data you have, is inherently dependent upon effective communication. Poor communication is said to cost an average of $62.4 million[1] to companies where departments are operating comfortably in silos and without standard operating procedures.


While employees are not quiet about their hunger for better and more frequent communication, the company may not hold the tools or expertise to effectively implement or upgrade their existing communication standards, even though leaders agree.


Whatever the case, because of the employer’s inability to meet employee needs the brand eventually starts to feel the effects of the missing communication. Employees, as we know, serve as brand ambassadors when they are both on and off the job. On the job, customer-facing employees may not use proper customer service-focused communication techniques, hurting that customer’s view of the brand.


Healing the brand’s reputation will start with improving or fixing the broken communication structure in the organization.


Start by reestablishing a solid foundation of trust between the organization’s leaders and employees. There needs to be an open two-way path where employees feel comfortable raising issues or asking questions and where leaders are able to communicate freely in response.


Next, begin holding regular town halls (weekly or monthly) where the most important communications can be relayed face-to-face. Employees then get the chance to ask questions directly to leaders and receive answers on the spot. Customer-facing employees will be able to effectively pass along appropriate messages to customers, thereby reinforcing a positive brand image.


Finally, as much as employees want more communication, it is important to remember that one of the most effective ways to communicate is to listen. Get involved, ask questions, think about what the employee is saying, avoid multitasking, and provide thoughtful responses.


In an effort to improve communication across your company, your brand will also see a positive boost in brand recognition. Happy employees mean happy customers who turn into promoters of the business. Contact Human Capital to take your business to the next level by improving your existing processes, communication strategies, and HR administration.




[1] INC.: Costs of Poor Communication Reach $37 Billion

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