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Between HIPAA, ACA, and government regulations for healthcare, healthcare providers are oftentimes faced with complex, evolving compliance obstacles. As if providing healthcare wasn’t stressful enough, healthcare providers do not have time to be bogged down by administrative tasks and compliance issues. Human Capital is your PEO partner who can deliver healthcare compliance, payroll, HR, and safety and risk management services to alleviate pain points for professionals in the healthcare industry.


Healthcare providers are comprised of many different sectors, including but not limited to:

  • Home Healthcare
  • Residential Care
  • Mobile Diagnostics
  • Nursing Care

These various healthcare sectors are governed by a wide range of healthcare policies and regulations. Allow Human Capital to assist you with healthcare compliance, payroll and tax administration, human resources management, and safety and risk mitigation.

Healthcare Compliance

Litigation in the healthcare industry and recent regulatory changes make it challenging for healthcare companies to maintain compliance. Human Capital serves as a reliable resource for industry knowledge to assist businesses in navigating complex legal regulations. Our HR compliance experts focus in these key areas for our healthcare clients:


  • Travel Time
  • Meal and Break Periods
  • Pre-hire/Orientation Periods
  • On-call Time

Payroll and Tax Administration for Healthcare Providers

Human Capital understands that the healthcare industry is unique. With specialized billing and a non-centralized labor structure, we have developed a special human capital management (HCM) system designed to support your payroll and tax administration needs. Our proprietary HCM software, Vfficient, is programed to provide efficient tracking and support in these key functions:


  • Overtime Premium and Blended Rates, Overtime, and Retroactive Pay
  • Easy Import of Third-Party Data
  • Geo Tax Location
  • Customized Pay Stubs
  • Skills and Performance Management Tracking
  • Electronic Employee Onboarding

Healthcare Recruiting and Employee Retention

Based on the Society for Human Resources Management, onboarding is a crucial time to woo your new employees and leave them with a lasting impression. If you begin an employee-employer relationship with a positive onboarding experience, 69% of your employees are more likely to stay with you for three years.1 This is an impressionable rate, especially when you consider the average amount invested to hire a caregiver is $4,129.2


Human Capital’s Vfficient HCM technology has an integrated applicant tracking software (ATS) and performance management tool (PMT) to build efficiencies in the employee management cycle. ATS and PMT, along with our electronic onboarding and benefit enrollment platform allows for a completely paperless and cloud-based HCM process. Our ATS includes:


  • Integrated Career Portal
  • Custom Screening Questionnaire
  • Candidate Communication
  • Workflow and Manager Tools


DID YOU KNOW: 94% of those who use Applicant Tracking Software say it has improved the process.3

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Safety and Risk Management for Healthcare Providers

Human Capital’s exclusive healthcare program is comprised of a comprehensive workers’ compensation program, along with safety and risk management resources designed to benefit most healthcare businesses.

Safety and risk management features and services include:


  • Competitive policies provided by “A”-rated carriers
  • Customized loss control services complete with online-based monitoring system
  • Claims triage services
  • Organizational comprehensive risk management
  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration compliance and training


Whether you are a private or public healthcare provider, your day-to-day activities can be consumed by the endless back-office duties required to effectively run your practice. This can lead to burnout, decreased productivity, and employee turnover. Human Capital is the partner for you. Our team of industry specialists can free you from the grind of mindless administrative tasks allowing you to streamline your business operations and focus on your main purpose: to provide excellent patient care.


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