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Comprehensive business
solutions to free up your
time and reduce your costs

PEO Services

End to end administrative services designed to meet your needs.

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Total Back Office

Cloud base, customizable, and ready to simplify your business.

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Professional Employer Services

Human Capital offers a multitude of solutions designed to meet the needs of growing businesses. From a small business owner to the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, Human Capital connects tailored solutions with organizations of any size.

Vfficient, Human Capital’s human resource management technology, addresses the ever-changing landscape of payroll, benefits, and human resources (HR). Powered by PrismHR, the largest payroll, benefits, and HR engine for both professional employer organizations (PEO) and administrative service organizations (ASO). This user-friendly, cloud-based application simplifies HR tasks across the board.

Human Capital changes the way clients manage people, retain talent, accomplish goals, and improve company culture. Regain organizational peace-of-mind with the technology and industry best practices to accelerate your business —Human Capital will take it from here.

Products & Solutions

Business services to simplify administrative processes, mitigate risk, lower costs, and create a happier work environment






About Us

In 1997 the founders of Human Capital recognized the need for Michigan-based companies to be able to outsource time-consuming and burdensome administrative tasks. Growing concerns around non-compliance and financial penalties were becoming commonplace for even the most seasoned of business leaders. Today Human Capital has grown, primarily via word-of-mouth, to become the Great Lakes Region’s number one provider of HR and other PEO solutions.
We believe that by removing non-revenue generating responsibilities, you are better able to accelerate your company’s growth, ensure stability, and enhance employee value and loyalty. Strategically positioned across the U.S. to accommodate the needs of our clients from coast to coast, we take pride in providing the same level of service and technology to each of our valued clients.

What is a PEO?

Most business owners’ day-to-day focus is on productivity, growth, and revenue rather than employee taxes, COBRA compliance, and researching competitive health and dental benefit plans. Back-office and human resources administration duties can easily get overlooked and eventually affect the bottom line.
A professional employer organization (PEO) allows businesses of any size to outsource human resources and back-office administration duties. However, the company is able to decide what portion of HR and back-office services they wish to outsource.

Industry Based Solutions

With clients across every industry, we have the experience to find a solution that works for you.


Service industry providers live in a fast paced, always changing day-to-day world. Human Capital takes the burden of payroll and HR administration off their plate while adding workers compensation and employee benefits.
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Whether it’s government, residential, commercial, or specialty projects, Human Capital has extensive experience working with the construction industry.
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Human Capital works with education institutions and government entities in a Human Resource capacity, providing on site HR specialists to work with employees and leadership on day-to-day HR administration tasks.
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In an environment where providing qualified blue collar or professional workers is essential, you need a partner who can handle all your needs.
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Human Capital is the expert to manage the administrative functions such as payroll administration, safety recommendations and tax filings.
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Human Capital's team of payroll and benefits specialists will allow you to streamline your day to day operations so that you can focus on new business.
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Trucking and Logistics organizations deal with a variety of complexities in their everyday administration. Human Capital simplifies those processes to focus on revenue generating activities.
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Whether you are a private or public, your day to day activities can be eaten up by the endless data-entry work that it takes to run your practice.
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Human Capital can design a back-office solution to give you back the valuable time needed to help those in your communities.
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